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As a Marvel fan, the new Avengers trailer excites the geek in me. Admittedly, I have not seen all of the Marvel superhero movies like Ant Man or Doctor Strange, but these films have always been easy to catch up on. I also lack a lot of knowledge on Thanos and his whole character arc. It doesn’t bother me that I know nothing about those characters because I like to do a little research before I see a film anyway. I also wouldn’t allow the lack of knowledge to defer others from watching this film, but I do think it’s essential to see Captain America: Winter Soldier. 

After watching the trailer, I have some thoughts. I am very excited to see Hulk. I don’t feel like he is well represented in the film series, and I believe he deserves his own current movie. I want to see him Hulk smash Thanos into oblivion. Obviously, that won’t happen because they have to make a second movie, but a girl can hope. I’m just praying he survives. 


I am glad to see Shuri, and I hope she’s making something good to save Vision from greedy Thanos or whoever is trying to take the Mind Stone. I can’t wait to see some of the Black Panther cast in the movie. I, honestly, feel like black people sometimes don’t exist in the Marvel Film universe. It’s important to have representation, so they are a welcomed addition. Hopefully, we will start seeing other “ethnic” characters in the future playing these heroic roles. Shuri will cause a surge in young black girls pursuing STEM. Also any scene in Wakanda seems so vibrant and enchanting. My interest was at its peak when they were fighting there, and it will draw fans who are not as familiar with the whole franchise to the film. I just hope they don’t destroy the beautiful thriving ecosystem.

I don’t want to seem superficial, but these hairstyles got to go! I need an explanation for why Black Widow went from a ginger to a blonde in a matter of movies. She better be undercover or on the run because I’m not feeling the look. And then, I’m all for scruffiness. That’s why I’m a fan of Bucky, but it does not work on Captain America. It’s distracting. If this is really Chris Evans last Marvel film, I want my clean shaved Steve Rodgers back.


I have a sense that this film is going to end in tears for a few people. I envision many fan favorites deaths. Captain America’s fate does not look good at all! I know that Bucky will take over for him. Thor looks like a goner, and I can only hope that Loki survives. I can see Iron Man sacrificing himself, if not in this film then the second one. Or he will retire, I know that they need to make room for Riri Williams to take over for him. I know my Black Panther faves will be safe because they need to be in the sequel, and they can’t kill Spidey off just yet. I definitely see this film being similar to Dark Knight Rising. Lifelong fans will be devastated. Spider Man will offset some of the mourning with his one liners, so expect some laughs as well. 

Catch Avengers: Infinity War starting April 27. Get your tickets here: http://www.fandango.com/infinitywar. I know I’ll definitely be there!