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My heart is breaking that Robin Williams has died today from an alleged suicide.  I’m so sad that the man who brought so much laughter to so many for so long experienced the same inner turmoil that so many have faced and lost to over the years.  I don’t know if the darkness that dragged him down made him feel so sad that he wasn’t able to articulate how bad it had gotten.   I know that I can sympathize with the feelings he likely had that when your filled with such sadness and depression at times it feels as if the only solution is to kill yourself.  I don’t know what problems he was facing or why he felt so alone but I know in my heart I will miss him.  I grew up watching and laughing with him from Mork & Mindy to Aladdin to Patch (well that was a bit sad but still at times funny) to my all time favorite Jumanji.   Every time i’d see his smile I knew that he’d cheer me out of my doldrums because he was just such a funny man with the heart of a kid.   His loss to his fans and more importantly his family will leave us with one less star in the celestial heavens.  But I hope this will make people start to talk about depression and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of when you feel adrift.   We shouldn’t keep making mental issues something to be ashamed of and hidden.  Our society needs to embrace the needs of emotional and mental support so that people don’t feel so alone that they commit suicide or to step away from life since they can’t deal with the pain.   Life is hard and sometimes it’s not what you expected or want but we all need to reach out to our friends and family that are struggling.  I’m not saying that if someone chooses to commit suicide that you can stop them since you can’t but if we can somehow let them know that death is final and that as bad as it might be at this time eventually it gets better.  Maybe not tomorrow or next week or even a year from now since none of us know what the future will bring but if you give in to your dark thoughts it can never improve since for you if your dead.  So if you know someone who’s struggling with depression or sadness or have made a major personality change please just check in with them to let them know you care that you can be a shoulder to lean on or an ear to hear them.  I know we all have our own demons and problems and some people are ALWAYS having issues that can be draining but please just take a moment to check in either with a call or email.  Send them a hug or a smile you never know that might be enough of a lifeline for them to be able to go on another day.


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