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Get your video game ON this Sunday, December 8th!!

80s Video Arcade Game

If your willing to brave the cold rain this sunday you have to head DTLA for the pop up of the Arcade Bar in Silver Lake!  The pop up is Sunday, Dec 8, 2-8pm, FREE! at  EightyTwo at Independent Label Market and will have a selection of  Lamill-coffee-spiked cocktails.  Independent Label Market is at 1215 Bates Ave, Silver Lake.  I heard on Urban Daddy that this will have to tide you over till next year when DTLA gets a geek friendly bar called Eighty Two.

I remember playing tons of fun games at the arcade back in the 80s.  My favorite was Galaga .. I KILLED at this game!  I also enjoyed Tron (it was hard and didn’t make a lick of sense but I liked the austere design).  I was always pretty awful at the maze games from Pong to Qbert to Pac Man to Centipede since my coordination never meshed with those designs.  I did love Frogger but lost like crazy on that one too!   I can’t imagine how low my scores will be after grabbing a Mojito or Margarita!  I’m betting the single digits.

Tron Arcade Game


It will be fun to check out the new bar and reminisce of lazy fun “Dad Day’ Saturdays  where our dad gave our mother a break and took my sister and I to the arcade, movies, bowling and all the fun stuff you can do in a small town in Iowa … no we never went cow tipping!

No cow tipping for me!

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