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Time to get Happy!

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My favorite sad sack detective is back on SYFY

Season 2 of Happy! returns on March 27th! I got to speak with Christopher Meloni (Nick Sax), Grant Morrison (creator) and Patrick MacManus (Executive Producer) before the first season at San Diego Comic Con. I wasn’t sure how they would take the zany graphic novel and translate it to SYFY but after the first episode I was hooked. It’s like a really really dirty Who Shot Jessica Rabbit! Chatting with Christopher after seeing his many years as a police detective on Law and Order: Special Victims I wasn’t sure what energy he’d bring playing Nick Sack. I’ve really only seen him in fairly dramatic roles. But Nick a police detective caught up in drugs and kicked off the force and his family after an affair who turns to being hitman drowning his sorrow in illegal substances and drink really brings out his wild funny acting chops. It’s a wild wild with Nick looking to save his daughter Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo) from an evil Santa with the help of her imaginary friend Happy! (Patton Oswalt) a creature only kids and he can see (because of his near death experience). Even his ex-wife Amanda Henson (Medina Senghore) harnessed her ‘mama bear’ to rescue her little cub. At the end of the season Nick and Happy! are up for more adventures, a relationship with his daughter and maybe back at home??? This chaotic roller coaster had me laughing and a wee bit scared with the delightful work of the set designer and entire team to bring the graphic novel to life.

Season 2 of Happy! looks even crazier with Ann ‘FREAKING’ Margaret <meow> a new child kidnapping ring, Nazis, no more killing AND making Easter Great Again <guffaw>! I have to say they had me at Happy!

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