Titans is on HBO Max

Titans is on HBO Max

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I’m so excited that Titans S1 & S2 are on HBO Max

I’ve had DC Titans on my must list for a while since I’m a huge fan of my teenage superheroes. Am geeking out that S1 and S2 are now on HBO Max! I’ve watched the first six episodes of the series and it’s not the comic book I grew up reading!

Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) isn’t the angst-ridden teenager I remember but instead is a grown assed man that left the mansion, got a badge, and moved to Detroit to start a new .. well he’s still kicking bootie in spandex but you get what I mean. He’s trying to get out of Batman’s shadow and be his own kind of hero. Dick is the grumpy guy fighting his demons and also is quite the Casanova! Along the way, we get to meet all of the heroes that comic book fans might remember but with a bit of twist to their origin stories. Starfire (Anna Diop) has lost her memory and is in Austria living that kept woman’s life. We learn how Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) not only got his powers, tragic backstory BUT that he has a connection with the Doom Patrol (color me SHOCKED). While Raven’s (Teagan Croft) story vaguely reminds me of the comic book back in the day but I remember it was her dad after her to ‘open the door’ so he can take over the earth. I’m enjoying that Dick and Starfire ad the ‘parental’ figures to Raven and Beast Boy who am sure will be full of teenager rebellion as the show goes on or that’s sort of how I remember the comic book with Robin <cough> Dick always trying to get the team in line and obey him the same way Batman always led the team <hmm> he should remember how that worked out with their relationship.

Am really loving the mystery of the villains out to get Raven, expansion of the universe with other heroes, and seeing the team come together.

I’m loving the show and am so excited that it’s joined the HBO Max family! It the perfect comic book action series that is much more in line with the animated films than the animated series some fans are more familiar with on CN.

This fangirl is beyond stoked about a chance to see “Jason Todd’s” “Red Hood” (Curran Walters) suit by costume designer Laura Jean (“LJ”) Shannon! This is the FIRST time the Red Hood costume has ever appeared in a live-action production and I can’t wait to see Jason in action! I wonder what this means for Titan S3 now that he’s no longer the ‘new Robin’! My geek/blerd senses are all aflutter since I’ve always loved ‘the Robins’ and how each one has a different attitude about being a sidekick!

Leave a comment below about what you think will happen in S3 and who else we might be seeing! Don’t forget to watch S1 & S2 on HBO Max and let what you thought about the ‘new to me’ series!!

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