My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – Cherry at the Movies Review

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – Cherry at the Movies Review

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Don’t we all need a hero??? Class 1-A takes on their biggest villains yet!

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is the second feature-length film from the Shonen Jump anime from Tokyo’s Bones studio. Available now on Blu-ray/DVD/Streaming/VOD. It’s a continuation of the universe that started manga and jumped to an anime series, video games, spinoffs, and feature films that have a passionate fandom of all ages.

In the new film, our intrepid Class 1-A students are getting hero practice at Nabu island all part of training to become real-life heroes after graduation. The film does a little time jump so for fans seeing how they all interact as a team, changes in uniforms, and how they use their powers definitely are noticeable but not jarring just a surprise (but an exciting welcome one for things to come!). As usual, trouble finds Deku and his friends with a trio of super powered villains with a nefarious plan to take over the world! <bwa ha ha> They have come to the island to steal a Quirk and the UA students will give it their all to save everyone. The movie is all about our students saving our villagers but at the core of the film is the relationship between Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo. The relationship between two rivals and now friends gives us a glimpse of the sort of heroes they will be navigating the pursuit of Number One on a path of their own.

I’m a fangir/blerd of the movie it kept me glued to my couch watching the students begin to Hero Adulting as the manage the hero office! It’s a life lesson as a hero it won’t always be exciting life and death but dealing with people and paying bills!

If you are not familiar with the manga or anime series the film gives an overall history of what UA, quirks and hero work as well as introduce you to the main characters. All of them got a moment to showoff even Chargezuma who’s powers always seemed limited as a hero but with training has proved to be effective in the most surprising way. 

I don’t want to give any spoilers but My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is a fun movie to watch. It had moments that made me shout with Deku ‘I’ll save you’, made my heart beat fast, my eyes tear up (what can I say I LOVE these characters), and wish that we had a few hero agencies in town to call up for help. 

This is a great animated film from the story, animation, and VOA that I recommend to passionate fangirls/fanboys to casual anime viewers. I recommend you purchase the Blu-Ray/DVD or streaming. If you buy on Funimation you get a special One For All Funko.

Let me know who was your favorite hero or villain and what quirk do you wish you had???

Let me know what you think!

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