My schedule for SDCC July 24th 2014 Thursday

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My interview & party schedule 

July 24, 2014 at San Diego Comic Con

135856_TS_TTFLogo (2)image001Geek and Sundry

I’m kicking off my first full day at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con with a full schedule of FUN!

My very first interview is with Pixar Animation Studio’s Holiday Special Toy Story That Time Forgot!  I LOVED the last spooky halloween special they did with Toy Story (some of my favorite all time characters) that I saw last year and can’t wait to revisit my old friends!  The panel will be moderated by composer Michael Giacchino (“LOST,” “Ratatouille”)and include the producer Galyn Susman (“Toy Story OF TERROR!”), director Steve Purcell (“Brave”), head of story Derek Thompson (“WALL•E”), Kevin McKidd(“Grey’s Anatomy”), the voice of Reptillus Maximus, and Kristen Schaal (“30 Rock”), the voice of Trixie and boy do I have a lot of questions for them!  I’m hoping to even get to see the storyboards, sketches and Pixar magic that has gone into creating this new holiday special!

I’m excited to talk with the cast and team of TNT’s the Last Ship which should  be a blast since I’m really enjoying this show!  I was worried when I first heard of the concept but after speaking with the showrunner at Wondercon he really sparked my curiosity.  I’ve found from the first episode I was hooked and I think part of the fun is that they are on the ship giving us the opportunity of meeting new shipmates as well as friends and foes as the sail the seven seas trying to find a cure!

I’m getting my geek on with Xbox and a demo of Halo: The Master Chief CollectionSunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 that I’m sure takes full advantage of the graphics of the new system.  I got to play with them last year and was really impressed with how Microsoft has improved the system so much that it feels like Virtual Reality!   I especially loved Forza .. vroom vroom I do love to go fast and the cars well I’m a car chick so I do love a sexy beast!  I can’t imagine how they’ve improved it but will let you know!

I’m closing the night out with my girl Felicia Day who’s hosting THE SDDC Geek & Sundry VIP Party!  It’s my second year attending and it’s a lot of fun.   A great opportunity to chat with fellow geeks but also to see what Geek & Sundry will be bringing us with the roster of fun shows, games and programs.  They have a bit of geek fun for everyone from the popular Tabletop, to the new series Spooked and shows that are coming round the bend (Space Janitors, Morganville: The Series).  I’m sure she’ll be bringing her friends along to the panels that are scheduled to keep everyone up to date so that they won’t miss a thing from the Geek & Sundry world!



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