Who doesn’t like it spicy? Sriracha and Shophouse a perfect spicy marriage!

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If you haven’t tried the Southeast Asian inspired Shophouse (from the mind of Chipotle) you now have a great incentive with it’s free with purchase giveaway on Wednesday, January 22nd (Los Angeles locations only .. boo hoo).   If you come in after 5pm and order a spicy dish from their three locations and whisper “Spice Hoarder” you get a 9 oz bottle of the beloved super hot garlicky spicy  Sriracha sauce that’s been a little hard to come by because of their legal issues (having to shut down because the spicy scent wafting from the factory was displeasing to the neighbors!).   This giveaway will get those who’ve been planning to check out the latest fast dining casual restaurant from Steve Ells, Founder of Chipotle into the door to try his latest interpretation of ethnic dining to appeal to the masses.   His first location was in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC and after finalizing the menu and working out kinks he’s been rolling out locations.   So get your grub on, mark your calendar and get ready for Americanized SouthAsian inspired food.

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