Gym Review – Sweat Garage Gym in West Hollywood

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IMG_3773IMG_3767I’m back to using my Class Pass and was excited to see that the Sweat Garage on Fairfax was on the app. I LOVE that it’s just a short walk from my place so that I can impulsively sign up for a class!

When I signed up they were very clear you need a towel and water bottle but I didn’t realize HOW serious until I got my sweat on. I came about twenty minutes early so that I could sign up and check out the gym.

When I arrived the young woman at the front desk was warm and friendly. She asked if I needed help and when I told her it was my first class she promptly checked me in, explained where the locks were located, asked if I needed a towel or water, asked if I’d done interval training before and that the trainer would show me the basics.

Smiling BEFORE the class

IMG_3769I walked in and it looked like a crossfit gym with stations set up for interval training. Sweat Garage has a variety of equipment/stations including a wall of treadmills, a variety of weights, jump ropes, tubes and steps that IMG_3762can be used in the open space. Every class is different with the list of stations and workout times for each on a white board near the front door.


This is one crazy tough workout that doesn’t use major amounts of weights but instead is using your body and lots of cardio. It’s an individual workout where you are allowed to work at your own pace

Able to smile after the class
Able to smile after the class


(and the instructor asks if you have any issues that need to be accommodated) and I tried to push myself to not coast. So I put the sweat in the sweat garage. Even after a thorough warm up going from treadmill to floor (light weights) it really got my heart rate up and made me feel like I’d won tIMG_3761he war against my own sloth body.IMG_3764


This is a fun workout in a no frills gym that is all about the sweat and mixing up the routine so that you don’t coast. If you are interested in an interval gym open to men and women that’s in West Hollywood check out Sweat Garage.




Sweat Garage

801 N Fairfax Ave.

Suite 104

Los Angeles, CA. 90046


Sweat Garage is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in a fun, positive, motivating class. We have one workout of the day or WOD. We use Woodway® treadmills, free weights, resistance bands, kettle bells, med balls, jump ropes and functional movements in every WOD. All of our workouts are based on The AMRAP System. AMRAP stands for As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible.

For instance…

AMRAP – 3 minutes

10 Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Crunches

The goal is to push as hard as you can to complete As Many Reps As Possible. Each workout is approximately one hour. The WOD changes every day and targets different muscle groups so you can sustain a five-times-a-week schedule without overworking your body. Consistency with your workouts is the key to achieving your fitness goals.

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