Get ready for the Batman 5K DTLA

It’s the Dark Knight’s 80th Birthday and LA is having a Cos-Play Run

I’m ready to run for the 5K Batman DTLA. So it’s time for me to get serious about getting healthy since I want to gender swap as Batman or maybe the Riddler!

Put on your cape and join your fellow superheroes when you run or walk the Inaugural DC Batman™ 5K! Experience heroic race course entertainment, earn the stunning Inaugural DC Batman™ finisher’s medal and celebrate with your fellow superheroes at the post-race party! 


  • Race Kit 
  • Limited Edition DC Batman™ Run finisher’s medal
  • Commemorative race bib and chip timing
  • Professional race photos – Free to download and share
  • Heroic race course experience and post-race party!

Holiday Food Drive workout with Bar Method

 Bar Method is making it easy to help the hungry with the LA Food Bank this Holiday Season. The LA Food Bank works to fight hunger in our community and been named by the LA Business Journal as the “Nonprofit Organization of the Year” among large local organizations in 2013 and it is rated a”4-star” organization by Charity Navigator. 
Visit the Bar Method studios in Pasadena, Silver Lake, Downtown LA, Hermosa Beach and Long Beach where they are collecting food. When you bring in five cans of food, dried good or toiletry items (toothpaste, hygiene, shampoo, soap, etc) the Bar Method will give you a free class. Call to make a reservation and let the studio know you are bringing a donation or stop in and see if they have room in the class.
Bar Method West Los Angeles
1950 Sawtelle Blvd, Suite 110
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Bar Method West Hollywood
8416 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Bar Method Brentwood
13050 San Vicente Blvd (at 26th Street)
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Bar Method Marina del Rey
13400 W. Washington Blvd.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Platefit Class in new Brentwood Location – Joyce Chuinkam

There is a reason LA is buzzing, or shall I say vibrating about PlateFit! It is brief, efficient and most importantly, fun!

Fitness Guest Blogger
Joyce Chuinkam
Twitter @Joyce_of_life







Last night, I took up two classes at PlateFit. I will go into greater depth as to what each class entailed, but here is everything you need to know about PlateFit.




On a scale of 1-5, they are a 5* for the following:

Cleanliness: They have fresh towels for you and equipment wipes for the machines

Customer Service: Everyone from the owner to the instructor was a gem

Intensity: Not too hard for you to give up right away, but you are definitely left drenched

Music during workout: Great energetic music with a tempo to follow

Ambiance: The lighting, mirrors and windows were all FIT-ting (see what I did there)

Class size: They keep it under 10 people, so you are given all the attention

Perks: Gum, tampons, towels, weights, balls, resistance bands, steps and more provided

Overall experience: All the above made an excellent experience!


fullsizerender-5 *I cannot speak to results. I only attended classes this one evening, however, I’d imagine that if you purchased their $99 unlimited first month of membership, you will see significant health improvements with a few classes a week.

Now that that is out of the way, let me get into the details. I got to the 7pm class at 6:45pm. Once I walked in, I was greeted by an incredibly friendly lead instructor in the back, while the class before mine continued to be led by another instructor.

I was guided on where I could place my belongings i.e. bags, sneakers, etc. because I Ubered- that is right, sneakers. This workout does not require you dragging around bulky sneakers in your gym bag.


As I waited, I struck up conversation with the lady next to me- it was her first time as well. She was excited about the class after having heard about it from a friend. Her energy was reflected in the other 8 class participants. As we stepped on our machines- a lot of us for the first time- we glanced at each other with awkward and amused smiles.


I attended both the PlateFit and RecoveryFitPlate.

Each class is 27 minutes with a 3-minute turnaround time between classes. The difference between this and say a Kayla Itsines workout? Think of doing a Kayla Itsines workout on a Power Plate…at 30+ vibration intensity.

The PlateFit class was an intense full-body workout that included Jumpingjacks, Tricep Dips, and Knee Tucks, all while balancing on a Power Plate.

The RecoveryFitPlate class was like nothing I had ever experience. Think yoga, plus massage, while vibrating. The lights go down, the intensity goes up and the rest is what you choose to make of the experience. You will have to make it to a class to complete this paragraph.


If there was anything that may deter anyone from joining, it may be the fact that everyone at the studio and in the class seemed to be in top shape. This can be tough for those just embarking on their fitness journeys without the individual confidence to be the furthest from their fitness goals in a room of quintessential “LA Babes”.



Another potential speed bump on the way to PlateFit is that this particular location has glass walls- hence passerby’s and bystanders can catch a glimpse of your sweaty, vibrating and potentially awkward self. I personally did not have any qualms with this, but know a lot of people- particularly women- who are uncomfortable working out in front of the opposite sex. This also could defeat the purpose of intimacy of the 9- people classes.


To be fair to by-standers, this is in fact a bizarre sight to see, as it is a new, and by far the most dynamic workout I have engaged in all year!


Star Wars Half Marathon Cosplay outfit


2016 Star Wars™ Half Marathon - Disneyland® Resort, California. January 14-17, 2016

I’ve gone to the dark side for the Star Wars Half Marathon on January 17th in Anaheim next weekend and am sharked that I’m all about Darth Vader! If you plan to do the run next weekend make sure that you check out the REVISED RunDisney rules as far as cosplay goes because (I’m sad to say) no super fun costumes this year . So to stay on the safe side I will not be going as a Jedi or as Endor (no Ewoks for YOU) and had looked at some running pants that were printed but I’m frugal so didn’t want to spend too much money for items that would be too distracting at the gym. I decided going all black would be a good compromise to my not being able to wear Jedi robes. I am a bit curious about rather anyone will try to wear a full outfit but I won’t take a chance. I am very disappointed since a big part of the fun is seeing all of the other fans dress up in cosplay as you run or walk (or in my case) around Disney in the dark with all the rides lit up. It’s quite the sight and is enough to make anyone’s tiny little grinch heart grow three times as you walk around the park!

What are you doing to comply with the new rules? Let me know!

Star Wars Mini Talking Plush – Darth Vader $7.99

Darth Vader Hat $9.99

Eloquii Black Sequin Criss Cross Sweatshirt

Women’s Plus Size Leisure Legging Pants Black-Ava & Viv $17.99

Gym Review – Sweat Garage Gym in West Hollywood

IMG_3773IMG_3767I’m back to using my Class Pass and was excited to see that the Sweat Garage on Fairfax was on the app. I LOVE that it’s just a short walk from my place so that I can impulsively sign up for a class!

When I signed up they were very clear you need a towel and water bottle but I didn’t realize HOW serious until I got my sweat on. I came about twenty minutes early so that I could sign up and check out the gym.

When I arrived the young woman at the front desk was warm and friendly. She asked if I needed help and when I told her it was my first class she promptly checked me in, explained where the locks were located, asked if I needed a towel or water, asked if I’d done interval training before and that the trainer would show me the basics.


Smiling BEFORE the class

IMG_3769I walked in and it looked like a crossfit gym with stations set up for interval training. Sweat Garage has a variety of equipment/stations including a wall of treadmills, a variety of weights, jump ropes, tubes and steps that IMG_3762can be used in the open space. Every class is different with the list of stations and workout times for each on a white board near the front door.


This is one crazy tough workout that doesn’t use major amounts of weights but instead is using your body and lots of cardio. It’s an individual workout where you are allowed to work at your own pace

Able to smile after the class

Able to smile after the class


(and the instructor asks if you have any issues that need to be accommodated) and I tried to push myself to not coast. So I put the sweat in the sweat garage. Even after a thorough warm up going from treadmill to floor (light weights) it really got my heart rate up and made me feel like I’d won tIMG_3761he war against my own sloth body.IMG_3764


This is a fun workout in a no frills gym that is all about the sweat and mixing up the routine so that you don’t coast. If you are interested in an interval gym open to men and women that’s in West Hollywood check out Sweat Garage.




Sweat Garage

801 N Fairfax Ave.

Suite 104

Los Angeles, CA. 90046


Sweat Garage is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in a fun, positive, motivating class. We have one workout of the day or WOD. We use Woodway® treadmills, free weights, resistance bands, kettle bells, med balls, jump ropes and functional movements in every WOD. All of our workouts are based on The AMRAP System. AMRAP stands for As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible.

For instance…

AMRAP – 3 minutes

10 Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Crunches

The goal is to push as hard as you can to complete As Many Reps As Possible. Each workout is approximately one hour. The WOD changes every day and targets different muscle groups so you can sustain a five-times-a-week schedule without overworking your body. Consistency with your workouts is the key to achieving your fitness goals.