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I’m having a major Gym Crush on the Phoenix Effect Gym in West Hollywood, CA! I joined Classpass earlier this month as I get back to fitness and saw Phoenix Effect on my list of local available gyms. At first I thought it was a CrossFit but after speaking with Beth Bishop (Partner/Coach) about the gym philosophy it was eye opening. 

I LOVED the class. It was such fun and very challenging! I have to admit when I first walked in I was intimidated by all of the great bodies of the men and women working out in the early morning class. But from the first smile it was a welcoming space for me. Check out my brief interview with Beth who showed the circuit and how she modified it for my gym level! (youtube)

Beth started out with a warm up that had me sweating like gangbusters and from their we (I mean everyone but me) ran around the block (Beth had me run to the end of the street). She than assigned everyone to a team (I was number 7 with two super nice guys) and had everyone start at different stations. As you can see from my video with Beth (who ran through all the stations) some of the workouts she modified for me (to work on form or because I’m physically unable to do some things) at my workout level of ability as well as making them more challenging for those who needed a bump.

I really can’t recommend enough the Phoenix Effect Gym in West Hollywood! The staff and members are friendly and welcoming (so many people said ‘hi’ introduced themselves and asked if I was a first timer AND words of encouragement!). Don’t worry that your not ‘fit enough’ or that your imperfect body should keep you from they gym and working out. The Phoenix Effect Gym is great for anyone at any level who wants a gym where they are able to modify the workouts for whatever fitness level you are at and have fun! It’s such a team gym that after every workout they take a class photo AND they organize monthly social events for members!

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