Looking to get hired is more than just updating your resume

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If your job search consists of updating your resume and submit resumes to open positions you are overlooking the importance of social media branding.  This is especially true for people who last looked for a job before social media permeated our society’s professional life.

One of the first steps you must take is examining your social media life/accounts to clean them up to present yourself on your terms.  Everything from Facebook to Pinterest our fair game to recruiters who will look to see what your posting and doing on these sites to see if your a good fit for their corporate culture.  So I recommend either changing your privacy settings or spending a substantial amount of time removing posts/photos that may not show you in the best professional light.

We are all visual creatures so updating your LinkedIn profile isn’t just your resume and getting recommendations.  It’s also how you will brand yourself to prospective employers, co-workers and recruiters.  I recommend a good photo showing off your style and personality.  I’m not suggesting a photo of you at the beach hitting the waves but instead a photo that is intriguing where you may be volunteering with a group, working on a project or speaking/listening at a panel with others in your field.  I recommend having a photo taken with a good camera by someone who knows what they are doing as well as explaining what the photo should represent.

You have to spend money to buy a one or two interview outfits this is especially true if you haven’t had to wear a suit in over a year.  It’s not shallow or superficial to acknowledge the importance of looking good when interviewing.  You are not simply representing yourself but also how you will fit into corporate professional culture.  You may not be what you dress but it shows a mindset of being able to dress appropriately for various settings.  If you have a difficult time shopping or are unsure what is complimentary than I recommend utilizing a image consultant (like myself) who can assist in updating your look from head to toe.

In this current economic climate you have to give a recruiter a reason to call you in for an interview and to hire you.  Their are so many people looking for a job that are willing to take substantial cuts in pay/title that your competing with a wide swath of experienced competitors.  You have to make sure that you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.  Often than not the deciding factor is if they like you and think that you’ll fit in with the office.  They will make that decision within a few moments of looking at your resume and seeing how you present yourself.  Make sure that you present yourself in the best light with an update to your brand.

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