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Set phasers on STUN and fall in love with Star Trek celebrating 50 years!

2016-07-24 16.16.04It’s been fifty years since Gene Roddenberry graced TV (CBS) with Star Trek a series that appealed to the hope in all of us. Over the years we’ve seen the series change with new captains, aliens and 2016-07-24 16.15.40moral questions but it always had the Prime Directive steering the crew as they explored galaxyrather making new friends, making alien love OR fighting enemies!

So imagine my excitement when I saw the first stop for the Star Trek: 50 Artists. 50 Years exhibition touring the world at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts in San Diego’s Gaslamp District (363 Fifth Ave #102, San Diego, CA 92101).

I was able to speak with Jorge Ferreiro (SVP & Creative Director) who curated the exhibition and two of the artists about their contributions to the Star Trek Art Exhibit at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con (Take a tour of the exhibition at Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts in San Diego).




Star Trek: 50 Artists. 50 Years.

The Star Trek: 50 Artists. 50 Years exhibit debuted on Wednesday July 20, 2016 at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts in San Diego’s Gaslamp District (363 Fifth Ave #102, San Diego, CA 92101). The exhibition was created to commemorate the brand’s milestone anniversary. Featuring Star Trek-inspired works by 50 artists from around the globe, including the last piece created by Leonard Nimoy, the exhibit will include original 2D and 3D pieces by the artists, who selected a variety of mediums — illustrations, photographs, sculptures, paintings, graphics and more — to express their love of the franchise and the inspiration gained from it. In addition to artists from the collection, Nimoy’s son Adam was in attendance for interviews at the opening night.


2016-07-24 16.15.14

Am I the only one that thinks Spock is more of a dog alien?

Leave a comment below on what’s your favorite piece from the collection and if you plan to make a special trip to see it when it’s traveling!


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