Trekkies UNITE for Epix 24 Hour Marathon

Don’t worry you won’t have to choose with Epix Star Trek Movie fest all leading up to the World TV Premier of Star Trek into Darkness on the 16th!   24 hours of Kirk over emoting.  Spock looking … well unemotional.  Captain Picard bringing the sexy with his dulcet British tones. Deanna Troi ALWAYS stating the obvious (the Alien is […]

Get your Star Trek on at the LA County Fair

Even the LA County Fair is getting it’s cosplay on with the cool Star Trek exhibit this year.   I’m not sure what to wear??? Sexy Uhura, Cross Dressing Captain Kirk, a sexy Crossdressing Worf??? The possibilities are endless with sexy outfits perfect for getting my geeky flirt on! So come meet me at the LA County Fair in COSTUME […]

Autism Speaks is having a fundraiser with customized recorded messages from Star Wars to Star Trek

I saw that Autism speak is having a fundraiser with celebrities donating a custom recorded message for $299.  I can’t believe that I can have Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Leonard Nimoy (Spock), William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) OR Morgan Freeman (God) are some of the celebrities that I could have record my VM.  Hmmm so many beloved science […]


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