WAC is bringing the classics to Wondercon!

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Actors Patrick Duffy, Michael Gray, Julie Nathanson & Daniel Zaldivar, Animation Historian/Author Jerry Beck and some Surprise Guests

I’m a kid again thanks to Warner Archive Collection (WAC) Wondercon Panels with the Man From Atlantis TV movie pilot, the entire original Jonny Questanimated series, and a special 10thanniversary celebration of Warner Archive Collection itself. WAC guests include Man From Atlantis star Patrick Duffy and Shazam!, Michael Gray, Julie Nathanson and Daniel Zaldivar, and the original voice of Hadji on Jonny Quest. I watched all of these as a kid on tv (reruns I’m not that old) and it’s so cool that we get the chance to attend panels with them. I’ve always wanted to talk to anyone about Jonny Quest but especially Hadji. I loved the animation and found the family dynamic fascinating. Now that WAC has remastered them I plan to add them to my blu-ray collection! I can’t wait to share these gems with friends!

Friday, March 29 at 1:00-2:00pm 

Warner Archive’s Jonny Quest: Better in Blu — In anticipation of Warner Archive Collection’s release of Jonny Quest: The Complete Serieson Blu-ray this Spring, join Daniel Zaldivar (The Magnificent Seven), the original voice of Hadji, animation historian and author Jerry Beck,the wacky WAC podcast team of D.W. Ferranti Matthew Pattersonand some very special surprise guests as they offer a glimpse of newly-remastered footage and discuss the endearing, landmark animated series. As usual, moderator Gary Miereanuwill come equipped with cool giveaways for select fans. Room 207

Saturday, March 30 at 11:30am-12:30pm 

WAC-X: Warner Archive’s 10th Anniversary Celebration– Ten years ago, Warner Archive Collection altered the landscape of home entertainment. Join a cool collection of special guests – led by actors Michael Gray (Shazam! TV series) and Julie Nathanson (Static ShockSuicide Squad: Hell To Pay) – alongside animation historian and author Jerry Beck, Warner Archive Collection (WAC) podcast hosts Matthew Patterson & D.W. Ferranti and moderator Gary Miereanu for a salute to a decade of highlights, including a look back at some of WAC’s finest offerings, a reveal of some of the secrets behind the MOD process, and a glimpse into some glorious future treats coming for collectors and fans of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and cult films and television. As always, surprise talent will entertain, and oh-so-cool Warner Archive prizes will be handed out. Room 300D

Saturday, March 30 at 12:30-1:30pm 

Man From Atlantis: The Other Aquatic Super Hero — Long before the latest wave of underwater super hero adventures reigned atop the box office for Warner Bros., there was another from the deep blue sea that captured TV/film audiences’ imagination. Join star Patrick Duffy(Dallas), Warner Archive Podcast hosts Matthew PattersonD.W. Ferrantiand some potential special guests for an examination of the Man From AtlantisTV movies and series, including the newly-released WAC Blu-ray release of the 1977 pilot telefilm. Moderator Gary Miereanuwill undoubtedly be carrying some fun giveaways for a few lucky fans. Room 300D

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