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The forgotten 1963 Boycott in Chicago Documentary short

The more times change the more it stays the same. I don’t know who said it first but am saddened how true it is as I look around our country. It’s award season and I came across ’63 Boycott from Kartemquin Films that has been nominated for Best Documentary Short for the 2019 Academy Awards. It’s …

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What to pitch for Making LA Together due May 10th

Well I’d love to pitch an idea of mobile grocery stores for disadvantaged neighborhoods. Take 2 or 3 buses that can be stocked with healthy food at a reasonable price and that would be able to take SNAP. So instead of people have to pay overpriced amount of money for food and staples instead the …

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Paley Center NY & LA Black History Month Celebration

Paley Center NY & LA are celebrating Black History Month with events for kids and adults! Visitors will be able to enjoy archived screening with Oprah Winfrey, Kerry Washington, Diahann Carroll, Lee Daniels, Cicely Tyson, and others share personal stories as they introduce historic TV moments from Julia, Soul Train, Roots, In Living Color, Scandal, Empire and many more programs. …

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Expanding the Conversation: Asian Americans in Media Forum 2016

The Forum, “Expanding the Conversation: Asian Americans in Media,” is Designed to be a Solutions-Oriented Conversation About the Status of Asian Americans Moving the Needle on Diversity and Inclusion in Hollywood is taking place on November 2nd. I’m very excited about this panel talking about the lack of diversity for Asian actors sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal …

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Will Lexus Laceup Running get me jogging?

Now Lexus and LA Mag is trying to get me to run!!!  Is this a sign that I need to try to run again??? My motto has always been unless a zombie, Darth or the blob is chasing me I’m not running dammit!  But all these events look kind of fun so maybe millions of …

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Improv and Doctor Who .. what could go wrong?

Well I’m thinking it’s going to be all right since who doesn’t love to laugh???  Sign me up!  I’m very intrigued with this show.  I’m hoping they’ll pay homage to my old school Doctor’s that I grew up watching!  Hmm what would I suggest?  Well you know I need some K9, the Master (best Who …

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Reliving my comic book love with Liev and PBS

I grew up loving comic books not as a artform but just as great escapist fun.  My favorite was PowerPac about kids with kickass powers.  Hmmm I was pretty much an exclusive lover of comics with a similar theme of the powerless gaining powers.  I think it was because I felt so invisible as a …

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How can you NOT love San Diego Comic Con with all the fun stuff that goes on in the Convention Center, surrounding hotels, Petco Park and areas all around town.  Now this fun online free book deal from Angel Phoenix Media … Download fast NOW LIVE! PROMOTION ENDS 11.59PM, 22ND JULY 2013. If you enjoy …

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Made in America .. Phoenix, AZ

I recently went to Phoenix, AZ and got to enjoy a few shops in the art district and it got me thinking about the Made in America Pledge I saw on ABC World News with (my FAVORITE nighttime newscaster Diane Sawyer) and on Good Morning America (who I love to watch over coffee in the …

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