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Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) is the awkward smart little brown bullied girl all grown up that doesn’t take guff off anyone. Everyone is living in Jordan’s world from her browbeaten staff at the tech company she founded to the building valet. She’s constantly demanding treatment to make up from being ‘little’. When she barks at the wrong child Jordan wakes up as the 12 year old awkward kid and has to grow into a better person to get back to a grownup!

I loved this movie it’s a ‘love letter’ to little brown and black awkward girls and the grownup women they grew up to be. From the moment I see Jordan I fell in love with the little girl who put a lock around her heart to the grumpy woman who is the boss nightmare of my dreams. I may have found it amusing because of past managers but I just thought the stars had great chemistry that had me giggling like a little kid. From Jordan being forced to revisit middle school, her grown mind in a flat chested kids body and the ultimate dream booty call I WISH I was Jordan. 

You might say ‘I’ve seen this movie before‘ but being from a Black girl’s POV it turns the genre on its head. Tina Gordon Chism’s movie has Hall sandwiching the movie but the star is mini Jordan (Marsai Martin) who is able to mimic her perfectly. April (Issa Rae) sets up the jokes with “That’s for white people, because black people don’t have the time,” when she learns who this little kid is in her boss’ posh condo. I really enjoyed how everyone had time to shine with mini Jordan learning how to be a little better and April getting her confidence by managing the company while she’s away. Big Jordan reminds everyone that Hall is HILARIOUS and needs more roles to show off her comedy chops! 

Little builds to a dual finish line; April must pitch to one of Jordan’s most important tech clients or else risk the future of the company, while young Jordan returns to high school, where a big talent show could be her chance to change her fate. 14-year-old Marsai Martin who is also executive producer on the film shows off that she’s a STAR stealing every scene! 

The movie is a little imperfect and feels rushed since it drops a storyline but since it focuses on Jordan’s growth it steel feels crisp and sweet like rose on beautiful summer day.

I recommend ‘Little’ it will have you laughing with Jordan as she terrorizes her office like Shezilla and than is terrorized by TEENAGERS <scream>! It’s a fun FNO (Friends Night Out) for an adult movie that will bring you back to the horrors of being little!

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