My Favorite Booths at Los Angeles Comic Con

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by Aiyonna White, Contributor

I interviewed exhibitors and artists with unique and interesting products at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. These products range from art prints to comic books, to cosplay props. Take a look!

One of Quintana’s pages in Action Comics Vol 2 Issue 30

Wil Quintana: Quintana is a colorist for DC comics and is currently working on one of mine and his favorite comics right now, the current Vol. #4 of Superman.“Just being able to lend to the storytelling through color…using color to make things more dynamic or evoke a certain kind of feeling…I’ve been at it over 10 years and there’s still plenty to learn.”
modHero: Artist Josh Siegal started out experimenting with Adobe Illustrator to create minimalist superhero pictures in 2009. It has developed into an entire

“The King of Atlantis” by Siegel

shop full of elaborate prints of not only superheroes but other pop culture pieces.
Noah Sturm: Sturm’s art drew me in with it’s colorful and unusual style. “I draw stuff I like… it just depends on when I have a good idea. When I have a good idea I draw it.” His current favorite piece is his “Drake Tears” print, which can be seen on his Instagram linked above.

Greenhalgh’s Comic Con Promotional Art is also her current favorite piece of hers


Diana Greenhalgh: Greenhalgh makes movie posters, props for TV shows, comic book illustrations, and trading cards for companies like Upper Deck. At the convention, she sold prints of her movie posters and superhero pinups.

The sticker I bought from Smith at the convention

Lucy Smith: Smith has a variety of art styles from adorable superhero sketches to emotional portraits.Her favorite art style is sweeping lines, angles, and stylized drawings.“I draw what I like the most followed by what I think people would like to see.”

The Brass Wardrobe: Brass Wardrobe owner Will sells steampunk costume accessories, including non-firing firearms and superhero masks. He is the leatherworker and makes all the leather products including handbags and gun carriers. The prop guns are casts replicas imported from Spain.

“Orbital Station” by Van


Mai Van: Van’s interested in science-fiction space art and dinosaurs.“The only thing I really don’t do is people.” Van’s incredible art speaks for itself.


Star Comicz: Writer Armand Araujo explained the premise of his comic “Patient M”, about a human experiment who can manipulate molecules at the cost of his own molecular stability. Araujo also writes “Apparatus”, a comic based in the future that follows a young girl who survives an apocalyptic event only to be experimented on by her government. Check out more comics at the link!


The sticker The TeaBook handed out to LACC attendees

The TeaBook: The TeaBook is an infusion of tea and art that caught mine and many other attendees attention with their parody of Donald Trump courtesy of their ImPeachMint Tea. Creator Noah Bleich also highlighted their “EqualiTea” series of several teas from the same plant, meant to bring people together.



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